Know and trust your voice to sing with freedom and connection to your artistic expression.


Your audience and those who hire you react to you by what they see AND what they hear.


Creating a believable dialect requires more than just mimicking someone’s speech.


Acting greatness comes from finding and fully accepting your own unique voice.

Gain more confidence with the power of your voice

Whether you are a singer, actor, or professional, your voice is a vital tool for conveying clarity and imparting emotion.

The Artist First is devoted to helping you create a foundation of creative power through your voice. Get in touch with Faith to learn more.

“One of the best vocal coaches I’ve ever had. Faith helped me reach new levels with my vocal abilities… I actually have more energy with each vocal pass I do. And with each one, she challenges me to do even better, and I improve significantly, without fail, every time…”

— Casey Cook

featured on NBC’s Songland

“A key player in my acting career… Faith helped me develop strong vocal projection and enunciation skills that have benefited me tremendously. I’ve been working with Faith for years now. When we first started, I struggled with tapping into my voice and projection. She's also coached me on numerous projects, leading to bookings. Her passion is infectious!”

Corinne Foxx

Actress & Producer

The Artist First

Committed to Serving Your Creative Dream

  • Begin your path toward personal and professional creative fulfillment
  • Learn the craft, techniques, & styles that will land you that gig or role
  • Proven results with world-class clients & over 25 years experience
  • Personal coaching in a comfortable, creative, & supportive environment
  • Innovative results-driven courses & workshops to spark your passion & goals

Faith Rumer has helped thousands of students all over the world, including Academy-Award winning actors, Grammy-winning singer-songwriters, film and TV stars, recording artists, comedians, world-class entrepreneurs and speakers, an NBC television host, social media influencers, YouTube stars and Podcast hosts. She also works directly with major record labels, producers and film directors.

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Faith Rumer Private acting coach

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I love creating programs that help you find your voice, so you can powerfully get your gifts and talents out into the world.


Coaching for world-class artists

She works with the best because she is the best! Faith Rumer is without doubt the finest voice and dialect coach I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my 40 years in the business. Her passion, skill and techniques are simple and extremely effective.”

Aaron Speiser

Acting Coach for Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Gerard Butler & Virginia Madsen

“Exactly what I needed to book the role… Faith coached me into my role of Gabby Douglas. She really helped me explore the character, and gain more confidence. Her passion gave me exactly what I needed to book the role. I am forever grateful to have worked with such an awesome coach.”

Imani Hakim

Actress, The Gabby Douglas Story, Everybody Hates Chris

“Faith has expanded my skill set, given me confidence, and prepared me for all situations I have faced as a singer. Her unique style reaches all aspects of singing, the physical side, the emotional side, and the creative side. Having studied with many teachers over the years, I can honestly say Faith is the best of the best. Her teachings are a gift that I use everyday.”

Sophie Stern

Recording Artist, Songwriter

“Faith is a miracle worker… She’s made a notable difference not only in my voice-over work but in the way I approach the art itself. In a short few weeks my reads have taken on a more conversational tone and I can tackle longer passages of copy with ease. Faith is someone every speaker needs to know.”

Spencer Krull

Voice-over Actor

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Private singing coaching and acting coaching offered by appointment only.

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