Private Voice & Dialect Coaching Services


I have been a voice coach to Academy-Award winning actors, Grammy-winning singer-songwriters, film, television and recording stars and comedians. I also coach world-class entrepreneurs and speakers, executives of a major software company, and an NBC television host. Now I’m working with Social Media Influencers, YouTube and Podcast hosts to help them make the most of their voices. And I also train everyday speakers. So I’ve coached teachers, ministers, women executives, and people in sales. And now they all have more powerful and free voices.

As we develop your voice together you’ll find that your voice will start to feel more open and it will have a richer sound. I’ll help you develop the full range and power of your voice. It will also be a voice that is unique and completely your own. You’re going to have a voice that will feel free and powerful and able to respond to whatever you need it to do.

I love the sound of the human voice and what it can do. I love the way the human voice can move us, motivate us, teach us and inspire us. And I’ve used my own voice to do all of those things. It is my great joy to help you discover and develop your own amazing voice.

I offer private voice coaching for actors, public speakers, leaders and corporate executives. I also offer group lessons for your sales and executive teams.

Voice for Actors:

Whether it’s comedy or drama, every great actor needs a powerful and connected body and voice in order to convey the depth, range and emotional life of their characters. Casting Directors, Managers, Agents & Directors react to you by what they see AND what they hear. Our great actors are able to maximize their performances because they have free, powerful, emotional and connected voices. 

In your voice session you’ll work on vocal exercises that will give you a natural but very powerful sound.  You’ll also maximize your impact by effectively aligning your body and releasing excess tension. And you’ll be given simple but powerful techniques to consistently access your emotions through your body and voice.


Learning a dialect requires more than just mimicking someone’s speech. In order to develop a believable accent that you can recall and use at will, the accent or dialect needs to be broken down into sound changes, vocal patterns and inflections, tone focus, body language of the culture, and individual character choices. To maximize your success, you’ll be coached and guided through the process of learning and integrating these changes into your own body and speech.

I’ve successfully worked with actors all over the world in acquiring believable accents for film and television; including Marion Cotillard, David Wenham, Jason Clarke, and film stars from Egypt, Pakistan, Thailand, England, Spain, Italy, France, Africa and Eastern Europe. You too can learn to confidently deliver an authentic and believable accent appropriate for your character and script that will land you the role.

Available for coaching on set or in private sessions.