Private Acting Coaching Services

I’ve had the great joy of being a private acting coach to some of the best actors in the entertainment business. I’ve discovered that greatness comes from finding and fully accepting your own unique voice as an actor. When that happens something frees up in you – it’s what I’ve discovered as a private acting coach to world-class stars.

Then, acting will become exciting, challenging and fun.  You gain more and more confidence, and you will stop being afraid to take risks. Again and again you will find the depth in your work as you bring your characters to life. Your acting is now believable and truthful. This is my philosophy as a private acting coach.

You have become an artist. You have become the storyteller that the audience will want to watch again and again.

Much of the work for the actor is about getting out of your head and into your body. With the right training your acting can become visceral and spontaneous, surprising and exciting.  In our private acting coach sessions you’ll learn to incorporate simple, but extraordinarily effective exercises.  The results are often instantly life changing for the actor. The great news is, this method gets very fast results, and so it is very effective when preparing for an audition or even on set.