“Faith is without a doubt one of the best vocal coaches I’ve ever had. She is a master of the best tips and tricks for vocal warm ups and reaching new levels with my vocal abilities… Once we get into a comfortable rhythm of breathing, I actually find that I have more and more energy with each vocal pass I do. And with each pass, Faith challenges me to do it even better the next time, and it improves significantly without fail, every time…

Faith is a gift. She is an absolute joy to work with, a master at vocals, and wants the best for you in every angle of your performance. Cannot speak more highly of her. Grateful to have her in my life. Love you Faith!”

Casey Cook

featured on NBC’s Songland

“Working with Faith has expanded my skill set, given me confidence, and prepared me for all types of situations I have faced as a singer. Faith’s knowledge of the human body, her gifted ear and her creativity make her a rare and special teacher. I love working with Faith because her unique style of teaching reaches all aspects of singing, the physical side of singing, the emotional side, and the creative side. I have so appreciated her professionalism and her support.  Having studied with many teachers over the years, I can honestly say Faith is the best of the best.  Her teachings are a gift that I use everyday.”

Sophie Stern

Recording Artist, Songwriter

“All in all, she makes the hours of intense studio work seem like fun. With her incredibly professional manner, Faith Rumer uses her creative nature to encourage her students while working in the studio.”

Matty Spindel

Grammy-winning Studio Engineer, Santana, All 4 One, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Don Henley, Rick Springfield

“I’ve seen a lot of self-proclaimed “recording vocal coaches” come and go, and I can say with tremendous confidence that none of them compare to Faith, whether it’s in the pre-production phase, recording phase or helping a singer expand their skill set to get better work done in-studio.”

Roger Sommers, Producer & Engineer, Royaltone Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Engineering credits: Alanis Morissette, No Doubt, Rod Stewart

“What I got was a miracle. Within a few lessons, I could feel my range expanding and my voice strengthening. And within a couple of months, I was singing songs I could never sing before. Faith is by far the best voice teacher I’ve ever been to, and in my 14 years in the music business, I’ve been to quite a lot. None of the others seemed to understand who I was and what I was trying to achieve like Faith. Go see her. She’s the best out there.”

Joshua Path, recording artist
featured on “One Tree Hill”

“Just a quick note to say how very happy I was with the CD that Faith made with Mike & Erica. I felt great hearing it – I thought they sounded GREAT for this stage – great appreciation to Faith. The CD was terrific and such a Valuable tool! I can’t describe how much it helped. They should sound superb. They both captured subtle but important inflections and turns of phrasing and stylistic flourishes with real precision but never sounded contrived.”

Jim Steinman – Music Producer
Meatloaf, Bonnie Tyler, Wuthering Heights (MTV)

“We were delighted with the work Faith did with the actors during rehearsals for MTV’s (musical adaptation of) Wuthering Heights. She put the actors at ease and was able to effectively communicate with the music producers.”

Amy Rosen, Film & television Music Supervisor

“After working with Faith for over two years there is no greater gratification than to hear and feel my voice improving on a weekly basis. Faith constantly encourages while still pushing me to the next level. She is also extremely knowledgeable about the business and together we have collaborated on writing and producing my own original songs – that rock!”

Kayla Maloney, Singer-Songwriter & Actor

Acting & Dialects

She works with the best because she is the best! Faith Rumer is without doubt the finest voice and dialect coach I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my 40 years in the business. Her passion, skill and techniques are simple and extremely effective.”

Aaron Speiser

Acting Coach for Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Gerard Butler & Virginia Madsen

“I booked the gig! Thank you for always making time whenever I need you. Grateful to have you as my teacher and mentor on this journey. We’re just getting started. Oh by the way, I’m having a blast on the set. Love You!”

Nafessa Williams

Actor, Black Lightning, Brotherly Love

“Impeccable ear for accents… Faith is incredible! Her ear for accents and dialects is impeccable. She also has an uncanny ability to see into the soul of the actor and clear up blocks (mental or physical) then works with you to open your instrument. I got some very vague sides for a security guard in a new movie with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. Susan took the sides and helped me turn a couple lines into a fully formed character and I booked.”

Elijah Allan-Blitz

Actor, She's Funny That Way, The Shield

“Exactly what I needed to book the role… Faith coached me into my role of Gabby Douglas. She really helped me explore the character, and gain more confidence. Her passion gave me exactly what I needed to book the role. I am forever grateful to have worked with such an awesome coach.”

Imani Hakim

Actress, The Gabby Douglas Story, Everybody Hates Chris

“After working extensively with Faith for a number of years in all areas of the craft, I can say that she is a very gifted teacher. She understands the importance of working with artists as individuals with her methods, and pushes for each to reach new and even unexplored layers of their work, which is golden and a rarity.”

Kevin J. Ryan (Actor)
Copper (BBC), Crossbones (NBC)

And that’s a wrap on Shameless season 2 🙂 exec producer & director John Wells walked up to me to thank me for giving them the opportunity to write for my character, that I did great work in the season. So I want to thank you! It says a lot about what you teach day in, day out.”

Stephanie Fantauzzi (Actor)
Shameless — recurring (Showtime)

“Faith, thanks for your help. I booked the gig! Thank you for always making time whenever I need you. Grateful to have you as my teacher and mentor on this journey. We’re just getting started. Oh by the way I’m having a blast on the set. Love You!”

Nafessa Williams (Actor) – Brotherly Love (Feature),
Survivor’s Remorse (Starz)

“I love going to Faith Rumer for coaching because of her innate ability to get inside of an actor’s mind and bring out the best of them. Faith helped me explore the emotional depth of my character’s in her class and is by far the best acting coach in LA.”

David Chandler (Actor)
The Middle (recurring) (ABC)

“Thanks so much for giving me everything I needed for the audition. The casting director spoke to me afterwards and said I nailed it. One of the Producers gave me fantastic direction for the scene with the stepson. She told me no one was getting it and it was an important scene. I’m grateful to have worked with you.”

Angela Alvarado Rosa (Actor)
Latin Grammy Awards 
Grimm (NBC)

“So my audition was today for the short film and I have a call back on Monday. Yeah ! Casting director loved my choices and is behind me for Monday. I am now changing my flight back to Australia. Thank you for your help. And I got the other short film! Xx Jolene”

Jolene Anderson (Actor)
Home And Away (Australia TV)


“Faith is a miracle worker… She’s made a notable difference not only in my voice-over work but in the way I approach the art itself. In a short few weeks my reads have taken on a more conversational tone and I can tackle longer passages of copy with ease. Faith is someone every speaker needs to know.”

Spencer Krull

Voice-over Actor

“Migraines disappeared… My doctor noticed a huge change with my jaw alignment and the reduction of stress. He asked me what I’ve done differently, I told him about Faith’s voice class. He encouraged me to continue. Not only have my migraines gone away, Faith helped me find the tone of my voice that makes me feel confident.”

Nadia Garcia Sanders


“I found my true voice… I have been a professional stand-up comedian for 13 years and it wasn't until I took both Faith's Voice Class that I found my true voice on stage.  She helps you to connect your voice to your body. Thanks Faith.”

Jaylyn Bishop

Actor, Comedian

“If you want to get ahead in your craft, if you want to free up your instrument and loosen up and open up this is the ideal class. Thank you not only for helping me uncover the connection between my voice and my acting, but also for the great notes and deeper understanding you’ve provided in my acting classes.”

Alex Huynh (Stuntman/Actor)
Sherlock Holmes, 
Pirates of the Caribbean