Make your Wedding Even More Memorable

Now you can make your special day EXTRA special with a love song written just for you.

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Imagine on your wedding day, your family and friends all get to experience:

  • Your one-of-a-kind love song that is a beautiful, poetic, everlasting record of your love story told in your words.
  • Dancing at your wedding together to the magic and power of the beautiful music that brings those words to life.
  • The joy of sharing your special song with your friends and family personally at the wedding.
  • The opportunity to share your special day through your song with those who are a long distance away
  • A lifelong keepsake song that brings you the happy memories of your wedding day every day, as you celebrate your love forever.

 You will get:

  • Your one-of-a-kind love song that is a beautiful poetic, everlasting record of your love story told in your words.
  • Discover the tools that great actors use to express themselves and create memorable performances.
  • Find out the foolproof way to get out of your head, be real and easily connect to your powerful emotion.


“A key player in my acting career… Faith helped me develop strong vocal projection and enunciation skills that have benefited me tremendously. I’ve been working with Faith for years now. When we first started, I struggled with tapping into my voice and projection. She's also coached me on numerous projects, leading to bookings. Her passion is infectious!”

Corinne Foxx

Actress & Producer

Faith Rumer

Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Voice/Acting, Dialect Coach

Faith Rumer has coached thousands of voice students, including Academy-Award winning actors, Grammy-winning singer-songwriters, film, television and recording stars and comedians, NBC TV host, as well as YouTube and Podcast hosts. She has a Master's Degree is in Speech Pathology/ Voice Therapy, and interned at USC County Medical Center, helping patients with vocal injuries.

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