Voice Lessons in Los Angeles, CA

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Private Audition Coaching

Acting Technique

On-Set Coaching

Pre-Production Coaching

Script Analysis & Character Development

Voice Development for the Actor

Skype Sessions Available

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Private Singing Coaching

Singing Technique & Style Development

Recording Studio Coaching-on location

Pre-Production before recording


Skype Sessions Available

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Find Your Voice

Are you struggling to define or fine-tune your voice? Do you want to work toward becoming a successful singer and artist? Come to The Artist First, a premier voice lesson, dialect coaching, and audition coaching location in Los Angeles, CA. Find the artist inside of you.

I provide a variety of voice and singing services:

  • Customized private lessons: Whether you want to work on technical voice issues, your repertoire, or emotional and psychological blocks, I can help.
  • Various singing groups and individual sessions: I’ve helped everyone from aspiring singers to church choirs. I’ve also worked with people of all ages.
  • Voice therapy: Do you need help after voice surgery or voice loss? I provide preventative singing therapy and pre- or post-surgical voice therapy to help heal and strengthen your voice.

You can rely on me to provide you with the voice lessons you need to succeed.


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Perfect Your Dialect or Accent

•  Acting Technique
•  On-Set Coaching
•  Pre-Production Coaching
•  Script Analysis & Character Development
•  Voice Development for the Actor
•  Skype Sessions Available

Do you need to obtain or fine-tune a dialect or accent for an upcoming role or audition in Los Angeles, CA? I can help.

I can help you get a dialect or accent just right no matter if you’re auditioning, perfecting your skills for future roles, or performing in a TV or film role right now.

Currently, I work with several major film and TV actors and help with their dialect or accent coaching needs. I’ve previously worked with actors David Wenham, Jason Clarke, and Marion Cotillard for the feature “Public Enemies,” with Michael Mann as director.

I find that obtaining or polishing a dialect or accent is different for each person and role, so I recommend a minimum of three months of private accent or dialect coaching.

If you need to refine your dialect or accent skills, think of The Artist First.

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Schedule Your Private Session Today

I want to help you find your voice. Please call me at (310) 948-4335 to schedule a private session or to ask about rates. You can also fill out my online form.

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