To fully live the life of your dreams, first remember that you’re basically, at your core, the energy of creativity. Next, be willing to nurture & then share what you are.


There is this energy…

It’s a presence in all of us that keeps us alive and vibrant, constantly stirring something up within us. It shows up in the music we love, the comedy we laugh at, the technology that turns us on, or our next big idea.

You feel it now, even if it seems dormant, simply because you’re alive. That something is the creative force of the Universe. And it’s connected to the creativity that is everywhere around us. This is your own unique fingerprint, your own unique voice. If you’re feeling stuck and fearful, chances are you’re not trusting that voice.


How does that resonate with you?

If it feels good, great! If not, then strengthen your belief in these 3 key truths:

• Your creativity is what makes you unique
• Expressing your creativity is the most beautiful gift you could ever give
• It’s also the most beautiful gift you’ve been given

I’m here to guide you and support you to trust your creativity no matter what. As my Creative Partner, Lou Nicolaides and I began creating and sharing our music, books, meditations, workshops, we uncovered this beautiful truth:

When you tune into what is inside you, you open up an energy force that will change your life, the lives of your family, & the world around you.

Tap into the energy of creativity to strengthen your connection and belief.


Listen & meditate to this mp3 my
Creative Partner, Lou & I created for you:

If you’d like more inspiration and more of our meditations, visit my creative website


I hope you’ve been moved
& inspired by our Artistic Connection

In my next Artist Connection blog post, I’ll share more about stepping into your own creativity. Accept and value the gifts you’ve been given. I want to hear from you. Please leave a comment here or on my social media.