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growing to love piano in your teen years

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[/cmsms_text][/cmsms_column][/cmsms_row][cmsms_row data_width=”boxed” data_color=”default” data_padding_top=”20″ data_padding_bottom=”20″][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_text]So much musical progress can be made in your teen years. Our goal is to help teens and young adults become life-long piano players. Whether you have a musical background or not, we’ll help shape teen musicians with motivation and creativity. We engage and connect with our teen students to help them find music exhilarating – be it classical, jazz, pop, or alternative. For teens, we believe in taking music appreciation to the next level. We’ll help expose styles of music to line students in the direction they want to go. This will make their practice and study relevant, meaningful, and inspiring. Here are some methods we like for teens which can be used equally for adults.[/cmsms_text][/cmsms_column][/cmsms_row][cmsms_row data_width=”boxed” data_color=”default” data_padding_top=”50″ data_padding_bottom=”50″][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_text]


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Hanon – Tried & True for Generations

We usually warm up with Hanon – the mainstay of learning to play any kind of music with strength and evenness. Total of 60 exercise. These are the aerobics of strengthening the weaker 3rd, 4th, and 5th fingers. They’re interesting and don’t push you to fatigue like many methods.

• Written for you to build speed
• Metronome settings marked
• Excellent practice for all fingers
• You lose no time in studying them
• Outstanding payoff in your playing

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Effective technical exercises to augment all piano methods. Primer Level begins off with 4/4 and 3/4 exercises – mostly in the Middle C position. Metronome settings included. Pieces are interesting and once students progress through the levels they’re ready to jump into more traditional exercises such as Hanon. Students learn sight-reading, phrasing, slurs and staccato, melodic and harmonic intervals, dynamics, and a good intro of 8th notes.

• Easy & fun to learn
• Focuses on finger strength
• Pattern reps help sight reading
• CD for Primer through Level 4

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Berkeley Instant Keyboard

Fun intro method focused on chords. Start jamming from lesson one. For all levels of musical knowledge. Great for teens who want to start playing fast. Accompanying CD lets you jam with the band including rock, blues, country, and funk styles. Tips on playing and locking in with bass, guitar, and drums. For those learning to play the keyboard as your first instrument or adding it to your line-up. Sets you well on your way to becoming a modern piano player.

• Start playing instantly
• CD to listen & jam (band & minus-piano)
• Chords you’ll use in these tunes & beyond
• Technique & theory but not too much!
• Understand keyboard & your own style

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Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course – Lesson & DVD

Two basic levels. Versatile and easy-to-manage for adult beginners to those who’ve had exposure to music. More than 3-million adult students have learned to play the piano using this well-sequenced course. Perfect for beginners who prefer a chord approach done in a systematic presentation in all positions in both hands.

• Learn chords in either hand
• Play beyond single note melodies
• DVD has intros to concepts & performances
• Book 2 has reviews of keys & chords
• Fresh material to enjoy & reinforce

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Essential Elements

We like this 4-level course by Mona Rejino for typically older kids (with some or no experience) starting around age 10 through adults. It helps students master music theory. New concepts are gradually introduced in a clearly presented format followed by effective reinforcement. Each book features three sections of “Musical Mastery” including ear training, mastery in rhythm, symbols, reading, and analysis. It’s a nice enhancement and supplement to any method book.

• Apply theoretical knowledge in a musical context
• Covers improvisation, transposition
• Reading lead lines & standard chord progressions
• Theory Mastery with review & ear training
• Creative & fun approach